(RE)PICTURE is an independent magazine produced for the purpose of reproducing the visual imagination.

Featuring pictures depicted by 5 groups of guest artists, this magazine is designed without the use of words and packaged as printed matter.

In today’s world, the development of internet and social media has been remarkable, providing exposure to a variety of images. However, the bulk of those images are for communicating information and tend to slip out from our memories in short order.

Simple imagination stimulated by an image has the power to communicate beyond language barriers. Working together with artists of varied nationalities, we are creating a magazine symbolizing a modern ecosystem structured by the imagination as universal language that reaches beyond the barriers.

Issue one photographed by Marvin Leuvrey, Jaap Scheeren, Theo Simpson, Yuji Hamada, Mark Borthwick

Edited by Akira Takamiya (moder-n), Art direction & design by OK-RM, Photo editor by Yuji Hamada, Published by ATARICA Inc.





参加作家(登場順):マーヴィン・ ルーヴェイ、ヤープ ・シェーレン、 セオ ・シンプソン、濱田祐史、マー ク・ボスウィック

編集:高宮 啓(モダーン)、アートディレクション&デザイン:OK-RM、フォトエディター:濱田祐史、出版:株式会社アタリカ