An independent magazine with the intention of reproducing the visual imagination. Featuring images by a selection of guest artists, the magazine is designed without the use of words and packaged as printed matter. In contrast to the unprecedented exposure to ephemeral imagery consumed through the internet and social media (RE)PICTURE works together with artists of varied nationalities to develop a modern and enduring image ecosystem that symbolizes the pursuit of a universal language.

Marvin Leuvrey, Jaap Scheeren, Theo Simpson, Yuji Hamada, Mark Borthwick (in order of appearance). Edited by Akira Takamiya (moder-n), art-direction & design by OK-RM, photo-editor Yuji Hamada, printed by Hakko Bijyutsu Co., Ltd., published by ATARICA Inc. ISBN 978-4-60000069-1.

What do we think of when we look at a single picture? The transmission of an image involves “material” (chemistry), “shape” (figure), “mind” (impression) and also includes “space” as a keyword. Like a chemical reaction, those visible elements interweave with the invisible to create a cycle of association when the imagination of a viewer is applied. Believing that the human imagination is also one of our planet’s invaluable assets, we adopted “resource” as the theme for the first issue of our magazine.

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ATARICA Inc., 213 THE MOCK-UP by portal point, 4-8-1, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083, Japan. ©2019, (RE)PICTURE and the contributors; reproduction without permission prohibited.


参加作家:マーヴィン・ルーヴェイ、ヤープ・シェーレン、セオ・シンプソン、濱田祐史、マーク・ボスウィック(登場順)、編集:高宮 啓(モダーン)、アートディレクション&デザイン:OK-RM、フォトエディター:濱田祐史、印刷:八紘美術、出版:株式会社アタリカ、ISBN 978-4-60000069-1

我々は1枚の写真を見た時、何を思うのだろうか? 画像の伝達には物質(化学)、形象(図像)、精神(印象)に加え、空間というキーワードがある。それらの目に見える要素と目に見えない要素が化学反応のように交ざり、そこに鑑賞者の想像が加わることで循環的な連想ができるものになる。本誌初号では人間の持つ想像力も地球の一つの資源であると考え、”resource”というテーマを掲げた。

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